The Dogs of Menteith
The homepage of the descendants of the DOG family
of Kilmadock Parish, Perthshire, Scotland


Official Doig Crest, Tartan and Motto


Yield Not to Adversity

Gaelic: Na gèill do chruaidh-chas



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Last BIG DOG REUNION Was in 2014

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Featured Musician - Willie Doig

The Tartan Army

Clan Doig Day - 24th January

St. Cadoc's Day is every 24th January, the Saint from whom our surname is derived.

The national poet Robbie Burn's Day follows on the 25th January.

Our Dr. David Doig met with Robbie Burns, who described him as "a queerish figure, and somewhat of a pedant."

David was schoolmaster in Stirling, just below the Castle. You will find him in the 6th generation HERE.

Celebrate both Days!

"The mark of a Scot of all classes [is that] he ...
remembers and cherishes the memories of his forebears, good or bad;
and here burns alive in him a sense of identity with the dead even to the twentieth generation."

-- Robert Louis Stevenson --

An old Gaelic proverb says, 'Remember the men from whence you came.'
(Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thainig thu.)


GENEALOGY - Doig Family Histories

FAMILY HISTORY - Origins, Crests, Coats of Arms, Drummond Clan

MILITARY AND NAVAL RECORDS - Remember and honor our cousins who served

VITAL RECORDS - Doig births, marriage, and death records from around the world


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        Kenneth Frank Doig's Homepage - More family history, Biblical archaeology, Ethiopian
        stamp catalogue, short stories, and photos.

        John Doig's Homepage - More family history, Football (no, its Soccer), Doig Family Society, Doig's Digest.

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