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Doig Vital Records from Around the World


The following birth, marriage, and death indexes are taken from public records.  Please advise any corrections, additions, and, particularly, if you wish any of these records to be removed.  The intent is to encourage identification of all of our family and for individual ordering of certificates for personal family records.  Additional information is available on many of these records by request.

Note:  Many of the listed persons are linked to family histories.  The file name may not yet appear or may only be indicated by *.  There will be updates.

Please help to link all our cousins.

Some of these of these are large files may be slow loading.


    California Birth Index - 1905-1995 (external link)
    California Marriage Index - 1960-1985
    California Death Index - 1911-1998
    California Death Index  - 1940-1997 (external link)
    California Divorce Index - 1955-1974 By request only.  Please supply reason.
    Social Security Death Index - 1962-2013 (external link)
    Ellis Island, NY Immigration Index - 1892-1924

    Census: 1790-1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930.


    General: WWI Military Service; National Archives of Australia
    New South Wales:  Births; Marriages; Deaths; NSW State Archives
    Queensland: Births; Marriages; Deaths; Queensland State Archives
    South Australia: Births; Marriages; Deaths; State Records of South Australia
    Tasmania: Births, Marriages, and Deaths; Archives Office of Tasmania
    Victoria: Births; Marriages; Deaths; Immigrations; Public Records Office of Victoria
    Western Australia: Births; Marriages; Deaths; State Records of Western Australia


    British Columbia:  Births (only 3); Marriages; Deaths
    Ontario: Births; Marriages; Deaths - Order a Certificate


ENGLAND - Most of the England files were extracted by Chris Doig of Bristol.  We have many more files including Trade Directories, Census, Probate records, and military records.  E-mail Chris Doig for more info.  He claims to have locks of hair from many of those listed. 
    Births - 1606-1992 (updated Feb 12, 2020)
    Marriages - 1597-1999 (updated Feb 12, 2020)
    Deaths - 1893-1992 (updated Feb 12, 2020)


    Births - 1855-1980
    Marriages - 1857-1879
    Deaths - 1864-1920
    Monumental Inscriptions from Canterbury, New Zealand

     New Zealand: Vital Records


Birth and marriage extracts from 1875 back are available free at the LDS site here.
Vital records, census records, and testaments are available for a fee at the General Register Office for Scotland here.
    Births - 1876-1905
    Marriages - 1876-1926 
    Deaths - 1581-1924
    Seamen of Scotland and England - c.1744-1861

    Testaments & Wills - 1568-1901


     Scotland Original Records


    National Archives of South Africa

E-Mail Ken Doig, Bass Lake, California

Last update: February 27, 2020


For those living persons who would like their information removed, please e-mail.